1993 Mazda RX7 (Yellow7)

1993 Mazda RX7 R1 in CYM (Competition Yellow Mica) 

This particular RX-7 is extra special, as it is one of the earliest examples to roll off the assembly line, boasting a VIN number ending with “102.”  In fact, rumor has it that the first 100 FD RX-7s were used by Mazda for promotional activities and were never sold to the public. If that’s true then this car is a very early car. And if it isn’t true, the December 1991 production tag is still a rarity. 

Overall, the goal of the build was to have a reliable, road-registered, modified RX-7 that could be driven on the street but also perform well on the track if desired.  But more important than that, this car, along with my Supra, has helped me connect with so many people locally and throughout the world. It’s amazing how a shiny piece of metal can bring such different people together, how it can cultivate relationships like little else can. It has brought me closer to other CYM owners in the RX-7 community for starters, and when we come together for photoshoots like this one most people don’t realize how rare it is to see one, let alone two or three together at a time. 

Featured in Petrolicious in November 2017.