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IMPORTANT: AEM High Output IGBT Smart and Dumb Coils are intended for coil-near-plug use ONLY. They are NOT intended for use on distributed applications and AEM cannot guarantee or warranty the performance of its IGBT coils when used on distributed ignition vehicles.Output (no load): 40kV minimumOutput (50pF load): 40kV +/- 10%Output Energy: 103 mJ +/- 7%Peak Secondary Current: 102 mA +/- 10%Arc Duration: 2.9mS +/- 10%Turns Ratio 71:1Maximum Current: 19 AmpsMaximum Battery Voltage: 17 VoltsBase Dwell: 3.0 mSMax Continuous Dwell: 9 mS but don't exceed 40% duty cycleMax Intermittent Dwell: 80% duty cycle, 5 seconds maximumMating Connector: Packard/Delphi 12162825 "Pull to Seat"Mating Contacts: Packard/Delphi 12124075 "Pull to Seat"High Tension Wire Terminal: HEI "spark plug top" Style

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