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This listing is for the FD RX7 battery relocation kit WITHOUT a battery. This kit only fits an Antigravity ATX20 format battery.

FD RX7 battery relocations have historically required some sort of cutting or drilling. One of the popular options was to place the battery in one of the rear bins, but in order to securely mount it to the chassis, the bin bottom had to be cut. Another option was to mount a battery in the trunk, likely requiring cutting the carpet and drilling some holes.  Both options have made us cringe. 

With the advent of smaller, lighter battery options possible through companies like Antigravity, we have designed this battery relocation kit to take advantage of an unused pocket in the FD RX7 trunk, behind a plastic cover. This allows you to mount a small, yet powerful enough lithium battery (Antigravity ATX20) in a secure yet hidden manner in the trunk. The photos will speak for themselves! 

The battery tray it self is CNC laser cut steel which is then precision bent and powdercoated satin black. It incorporates a mount for a marine-grade 200A 48VDC Eaton Bussman surface mount circuit breaker. The circuit breaker provides some added protection and can be used as a cut off switch if so desired (accessible with the trunk plastics installed). Please keep in mind that while this is a quality breaker, repeated tripping over time may cause it to wear out. In addition, the tray has a provision to accept the plastic push clip retainer for the trunk plastic.  

Provided with the kit is a power cable that will go from the battery to the breaker, as well as a ground cable that runs from the battery to the the 14mm bolt in the trunk.  Installation hardware is provided.  

We do not include a power cable or ground cable from the battery to the engine bay.  We advise that you run the appropriate gauge cables for your application.  If you are running coils like the IGN1A, it is highly recommended to have a ground cable to go from the battery to the top of the engine to provide a direct ground connection.  

Please view this video on our Youtube channel for a product overview and installation guide.

Product feature list:

  • Battery tray and top bracket:
    • CNC laser cut and bent
    • Satin black powdercoat
    • Integrated circuit breaker mount
  • 2 AWG ground cable
  • 2/0 AWG positive lead cable from battery to circuit breaker
  • 200A, 48 VDC Eaton Bussman surface mount circuit breaker
  • Stainless steel hardware and P-clamps

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