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Ever get stuck in the rain needing a new wiper blade for your Celica Supra only to find out that you need to buy a completely new wiper blade assembly from Toyota or have the option to change only the rubber blade insert?  The oem late model MK2 Celica Supra driver side wiper arms do not allow you to use the universal off the counter wiper blades.  

The JP3 Motorsports MK2 Driver Side Wiper Arm Adaptor solves this very problem. Our adaptor allows you to use a universal J-hook bracket, thus allowing you to use off the shelf wiper blades.  Our adaptor locates the center of the J-hook in the oem location allowing you to use the same 18" length wiper blades as oem.  
Install is as simple as unscrewing 2 screws, removing the oem wiper blade, and installing the adaptor with supplied screws/washers.  

Product feature list:

  • 12 gauge stainless steel CNC laser cut adaptor bracket powdercoated satin black
  • Stainless steel press fit nuts installed
  • Universal J-hook bracket powdercoated satin black
  • (4) Black Screws and SS lock washers
NOTE: Before ordering, please check your driverside wiper arm and make sure you have the provisions to remove the wiper bracket.  Early model MK2s came with brackets that were riveted and not screwed thus needing modification (drilling out rivets) to use our bracket. 
Wiper blades are not included.
18" driverside wiper blade is recommended.   

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