Mazda FD RX7 Air Conditioning Kits

Mazda FD RX7 Air Conditioning Kits

So you've decided you want to have working AC in your FD RX7 and need to know what JP3 items you need to order in order to accomplish that task?  The only OEM items you would need to have from your FD RX7 would be the evaporator (located behind the glove box inside the dash) and dash wiring in place.

Here's a breakdown on how to figure out what items you should order:

1) Is your car LHD or RHD?
  • If LHD, you need to figure out if your car has a DENSO or MANA (Mazda North America) Style evaporator. Refer to the video below showing the fitting sizes at the firewall. 
  • Also for LHD, you have the option for OEM line placement or big turbo routing which places the lines across the firewall. 
  • If RHD, you need to figure out if your car has a R12 or R134a system. In most cases 92 and earlier cars had R12 as cars in Japan were build with R134a in 1993 and after. But to make sure refer to the video below showing what the R12 vs R134a style fittings at the firewall looked like.
2) What Intercooler setup are you running?
3) What style radiator are you running?  (To determine which RX8 Condenser Bracket to use)
4) Are you running an oem main crank pulley or under drive such as Banzai? (To determine which belt to use)
5) Expansion Valve:  We also recommend replacing the expansion valve which is located in the evaporator box behind the glove box inside the dash. Replacing the expansion valves ensures you won't have any leaks (by replacing the orings) and replaces the existing (likely original) expansion valve with an updated R134a calibrated unit. Below are links to videos showing how to remove the evaporator box and links to the expansion valves we sell.
Other Info:
  • The only other two items you need to order would be the AC compressor and condenser from any 2002-2012 Mazda RX8.  These two items can be purchased new at any local parts store or online parts stores such as Rock Auto.  
  • New or remanufactured AC compressors come prefilled with PAG oil. 
  • The completed system will take approximately 15-16oz of refrigerant. This may vary from car to car, so please ensure to use gauges or consult with your local shop/technician. 

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